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Use this application to change your Berkeley Lab passwords by following the steps below.
Select the password you would like to change (more about these directories):
Berkeley Lab Identity Password
Windows/Active Directory Password
Enter your Berkeley Lab Identity username (or employee number) and password below.
Enter your Windows/Active Directory username and password below.
Windows Username:
Current Windows password:
Enter a new password, and then type it in again to confirm it. Passwords must meet rigorous complexity criteria. Check your password's status in the list under step 4, below.
New Windows password:
Re-enter new Windows password:
Check the list of password criteria below. If all are checked off, you may proceed to step 5 and submit.
  • 8 characters or longer
  • Has at least 1 number
  • Has at least 1 lowercase letter
  • Has at least 1 uppercase letter
  • Has at least 1 special character
  • Has been correctly confirmed
If the "Change Windows Password" button is activated, press it to change your password. If it's not, run back through steps 1 through 3. If that still doesn't help, contact the Help Desk at x4357 or

For more detailed help and other information about LBNL password policy, click here.
Instructions for changing your password:
  1. Enter your Berkeley Lab Identity username or your employee number.
  2. Enter your current Berkeley Lab Identity password.
  3. Enter your new password, observing the password rules listed below and in the RPM. Each requirement is listed under step 3 below the area where you enter your new password. As you type your new password it will be evaluated, and each requirement that your new password meets will be marked off the list. The LDAP server maintains a history of your previous passwords; your new password may not be one in the LDAP server's history.
  4. Re-enter your new password in the space below.
  5. After you have completed the above steps, the "Change Password" button will become enabled, and you may submit your new password. If there were any errors, you will see more information in red at the top of this page.
  6. If you continue to have difficulties, contact the Help Desk at x4357 or

Summary of Berkeley Lab password rules:
  • Passwords must contain at least eight characters. In addition, passwords must include at least one of each of the following: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and a special character. There are many available special characters, including @, #, %, ^, &, !, *, comma, period, semicolon, and others. Due to the limitations of some LBNL applications, angle brackets (i.e., < and >) are not permitted.
  • Your password may not contain your userid, your employee number, common names, your Social Security number, or your birthdate. Common dictionary words and simple patterns such as "qwertyxx" or "xyz123xx" should not be used.

For more information on LBNL password policy, please see the following: